Technology Solutions

BAE Networks specializes in enabling small businesses to leverage their technology. Being a leader in business IT support allows us to become or augment your IT department. We are located conveniently in Troy, MI and offer onsite and remote support in the Metro Detroit area. Our team will fix your current issues, plan for future needs, and proactively support your infrastructure.

Accurate Solutions

We recommend the solutions that work for your needs, not our pocketbook. Our time is spent researching those needs and the potential solutions before we recommend them, which saves time, money, and your sanity.

Cloud Consulting

The Cloud is powerful, but is it appropriate for your business? We know exactly how to determine that very question and can help explain when the Cloud is the right choice for you.

Budget Friendly

We keep our operations efficient, which lowers our bottom line, and allows us to pass the savings to you. Combine that, with our pool of knowledge, and you get enterprise class support for less cash than an internal resource.

Perimeter Security

The World Wide Web is an awesome tool that connects billions of devices around the globe. While that connectivity proves beneficial on a daily basis it’s easy to forget about the lurking threats. Our products will keep your network safe.

Wireless Connectivity

We understand how to deploy wireless in challenging environments. In addition to powerful hardware our platform allows us visibility into your connectivity to identify and resolve issues real-time.

Disaster Recovery

Your data makes your business what it is. Data loss caused by disaster, viruses, or the human factor can prove to be catastrophic to operations. Our solutions protect your information day in and day out.


Here are some of the key vendors and platforms that we are familiar with. It's a balancing act to ensure we have enough to have options, but few enough to maintain our expertise with each.






  • Renata Rego / Senior Market Analyst, Ducker Worldwide

    BAE Networks was really helpful with my computer issues. They are very patient and eager to look for alternative solutions if the problem wasn't solved at the first attempt. Most importantly they take into account our business needs with the right solutions and time frame so it is most helpful and productive for me. Great support!

  • Lorena Ferrari / Technical Support Specialist, Ducker Worldwide

    Thank you, BAE Networks, for helping us out in a tight spot. Peter and I were both comfortable leaving Ducker technical support in your control while we were out of the office for a week and a half. When I returned, everyone I spoke with gave great reports about your assistance with technical support for help desk, out-of-the-ordinary, and emergency issues. It was great to come back to a technically sound environment!

  • Timothy A. Dinan, Dinan & Associates, P.C.

    BAE and its principal, Ryan Baetens, are professional IT providers who bring their expertise to each job.  I have hired BAE Networks twice in the last 6 months and am always pleased with their approach, initiative and results.  You can trust BAE to solve your technical problems and keep them away.

  • Jason T. Sherrill / IT Director, Detroit Forming, Inc.

    BAE Networks came through for us where a number of other (larger) companies couldn't.  Dedication to finding the hardware we needed on short notice was vital to make our project a success and they didn't disappoint.  Going forward, Ryan and his team will be my first stop for all of my IT needs!

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